Real Estate Companies

Real Estate Companies are everywhere.They’re found in every city in the world, from the most populated capitals to the most ...


The worldwide economic panorama is composed of countless small, medium and large companies. These industries can be grouped into ...


Apparel includes both garments that we wear (shirts, skirts, trousers, jackets, etc…) and accessories that we wear or ...


The dining sector is among the most active and appreciated around the world, and especially in Italy; it is simply defined as all ...

Health and Wellness

How many times have we heard it said that our “health is the most important thing”! And this is possibly one of the ...

Tourism and Holidays

Tourism, Travel and Holidays. Three words symbolizing what everyone needs and desires but also one of the most profitable ...

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This site is a portal that offers a wide variety of information on many different subjects: tourism, apparel, interior design, dining, education and vocational training, the real estate market, health and wellness, banking services, recreation, work, etc…

Every day we are inundated with the latest “hit-and-run” news. Newspapers almost always report disturbing political, economic and financial events and news stories and television often makes news even more dramatic and shocking through photos and interviews. We certainly shouldn’t ignore this information but it would be helpful to be able to “filter” what we receive and protect ourselves from becoming overly influenced.

In this portal we will continuously add discussions and topics that are of interest to everyone and are presented in a “non-journalistic” manner with the sole scope of providing information and deepening our knowledge of areas that are relevant to our daily lives.

We are now providing a list of the current categories so as to quickly identify the subjects that are most interesting to you. Each preselected field includes some initial information and following this, a list of the currently available articles. For example, in the Tourism category, you can find a list of tourism-related companies, including hotels, railway and boat companies, airlines, tour operators, travel agencies and tour guides. In the Health and Wellness section you can find purely “medical” articles on hospitals and related businesses as well as articles on companies offering services in the wellness sector such as health spas, wellness centres and thermal baths.

News will be published with the most recently added
and most interesting articles highlighted, according to each specific sector and current trends.


31 jul 2015

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